How To Waste Any Website Using [Dos Attact] Haking Tutorials

How To Waste Any Website Using [Dos Attact] Haking Tutorials

We do not teach any hacking. This tutorial is for learning

I hope everyone is good.
I hope all of them are good at all times.
So friends, I have brought you here for a hacking app.
Through which you can easily dos attack on any website.
So let's start to increase the voice.
So first what do dos attack?
Dos attack has given much traffic to any website at the same time.
This means that at the same time dos attack on any website, the server's website is down.
You need to download an app for this. You will not get the app on the playlist, so please click the link below to download it.

click here to download

Download and install.
After that open pity.
Open the screenshot like this below, where the server is written, enter the server address that you want to attack on the server.
Then select java server and php server from below.
But most servers are php servers.
So below, select how many traffic you want to attack, and select how many threads you want to have, click on dos not running.

Then see Dos attack has started.

So hopefully everyone likes the post.
You must tell how it happened.

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