Best chatting php script download free

Best chatting php script download free

Chatting script
Chatting script

Best mobile chatting script free shared with amazing features

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  • Functions (located in core/includes folder)
  • Sessions
  • Registration (Upper/Lower Case Chars, _ And - Symbols Allowed, And 3-15 Chars Long)
  • Login
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Rank Class
  • Staff Tools (Better Written/Working)
  • 11 Rooms (10 Rooms 1 Staffroom)
  • Private Messages
  • Shoutbox
  • Member Profiles (Hidden to Guests)
  • BBCodes (located in functions)
  • Smileys
  • Avatars
  • Censorship/Word Filtering (located in functions)
  • Online/Offline Checks
  • Newest Members
  • IpBan (located in functions)
  • IpLogging

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1. Upload all files to your server (except this readme.txt file)
   REMEMBER to upload the .htaccess file that comes with the script.
   it creates protection for your .txt files and other things

2. Goto yoursite.tld/INSTALL.php (yoursite.tld = your site address)
   and follow the instructions there. (Delete INSTALL.php Once Finished)

3. Change info inside config.php to your sites needs (located in core folder)

4. thats it. installation complete.
   Goto yoursite.tld to enjoy your new chat (yoursite.tld = your site address)

 Chatting script


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